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About This Deign

For Cat Lovers, a whimsical cat expression scene where you can choose your own selection for any background color decor you would like. Please make sure to customize the color for the front and the back of products with two sides or multiple elements. Easily change the background color of this cat design from the preset white to any color of your choice in one step. Just click on the "Customize It!" button to reveal the color selector titled "Printed Background Color" from which you can choose any color you want in one click. For getting the color you want, you have 3 options available: -Click on the color selector eyedropper icon to reveal more colors and make a selection from those. -Click on the (ADVANCED) link and use the enclosed color slider window. -In the ADVANCED color selector, type in your 6 digits Hex # code. You can find very good Hex # color references from Googling "Hex" on the internet. Here&#;s a small sampling of our cat lover themed products. Use the "Ask this Designer" link to contact us with your special design requests or for some assistance with any of your customization project needs.

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